Custom Ergo-Lever Builds.

Campagnolo Ultra Red Ergo-levers.


Some say the best ultra levers ever made by Campagnolo.

Designed for sprinters, These superb shifters work with precision particularly when under load.

The brief with these was to bring them back to full factory spec.

Full overhaul and Campagnolo lubricant just as made by Campagnolo in Vicenza.

Super Record 11 Speed Ultra-Shift

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Ultra-Shift Levers

Campagnolo 11 Speed super record ultra-shift levers.

The brief was to make the shifting more easier due to injuries to the owners hands.

Full overhaul with full custom internal modifications with Campagnolo lubricants.

Athena 11 Alloy, Athena 11 Carbon, Chorus Ultra-Shift 11

Campagnolo Athena 11 Alloy.
Campagnolo Athena 11 Carbon.
Campagnolo Chorus 11.

The brief was to make the levers like new.

Full YR1 overhaul and Campagnolo lubricants were applied.

Chorus 11 Ultra-Shift

Campagnolo 11 Chorus Ultra-shift lever.

The brief was to make the lever like new.

Full YR1 overhaul & anti corrosion product applied, polished and tested. 

Chorus 11 Ultra-Shift

Campagnolo Chorus 11 ultra-shift.

Levers arrived with mixed up internals due to problems caused by amateur mechanics.

YR1 full overhaul complimented with Campagnolo lubricants.

Daytona 10 Lever

Campagnolo Daytona ultra 9 Speed to 10 conversion.

The brief was to make the levers more up to date yet still look retro.

Full 10 Speed conversion to 9 Speed Daytona ultra levers.

Original patina retained.

YR1 Custom internal modifications with YR1 lubricants.

Record 11 speed ultra shift

Record 11 speed levers

Record 11 speed ultra-shift levers.

Full overhaul and custom internal work.

Campagnolo grease and lubricants.